The 8th of May 2020 marked the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. On this day in 1945 fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe ceased. To celebrate people threw street parties across the country adoring their houses and themselves in red, white and blue. Along with great triumph came sadness. We had defeated Hitler but at the cost of millions of peoples lives. Still to this day we hold street parties and recognise this day as the light at the end of a really dark tunnel. My own village had big plans, they were meant to hold a street party with a swing band and van serving fish and chips. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing rules this event was no longer possible but my community wasn't defeated. Instead the organisers put a notice in our local newsletter to encouraging people to decorate their houses. This way residents get out out of their houses and walk around safely, touring the village to admire everyones decorations. I decided that I wanted to documents this occasion so I grabbed the Hasselblad I had at the time and photographed this immense pride I saw on film. Despite everything going in the world we still came together as a community to celebrate this historical day.