Having grown up in the rural Cotswolds, the idea of Cities have been irresistible to me. I'm drawn in by the sense of opportunity and recreation urban environments provide. I set about capturing the very best they have to offer. Titled 'Nocturnal City' this project captures just four cities I visited over the course of a year. They are represented by a range of still and moving images named 'Cinemagraphs'.

The phrase 'The city that never sleeps' is associated primarily with New York but I feel that it could be applied to most cities. There's a shift that occurs when dusk falls, some areas can be eerily quiet with the sound of cars and people in the distance or just a shot distnce later, a bar can be teeming with life. It's also the time when most of the tourists have gone and its just the locals left, often it's the most raw view you can get of a city.  This project was part of my University work so if you would like to look at in more detail please click here.