In times of struggle and need we turn to the place that makes us feel safe, often that place takes the form of our childhood home. It’s a place that’s filled with memories and a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. Having recently returned to mine in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic I started to reflect on the space I found myself in. 


Windows have always held a special significance to me. They provide a glimmer of what’s beyond, the places I can explore and the opportunities that lie ahead. I can often be found sitting in my window staring out at the view beyond. Breathing in the fresh air, watching the rain drip down or the sun beam through,  flooding the room with natural light provides me with a sense of security. 


I have explored some personal documents within this project but I photographed them in a way that helps to conceal their true meaning.  By removing these details it encourages you to fill in the blanks and imagine for yourselves what the objects could be. 


This project has explored what really makes a house a home, it’s not the location or the walls that surround you, it’s the  people, objects and furniture that fill it. No other house quite compares to your childhood home,  in the words of L. Frank Baum “there is no place like home”.

This project was collated in the form of a Photobook. I filmed a flip through of the book below.