This work based on the First (1914-1918) and the Second (1939-1945) World War, serves to act as a reminder to what we lost then, and what we could lose now. It explores personal family history as well as the widespread loss. A Polaroid is a physical object that contains a snapshot of a memory, whether that be a holiday or a casual Sunday afternoon. I have created a juxtaposition by instead using them to display the remnants of War.


Polaroids themselves are powerful objects that trigger the one thing we all leave behind - memories. My project is about exactly that, remembering the devastation caused by the World Wars. I have been respectful in my approach to this sensitive topic, I want to honour those who fought and died or their country on both sides. In the words of Robert Laurence Binyon, ‘We will remember them’. This project was part of my University work, so if you would like to look at it in more detail please click here.

PD Battery Entrance.jpg
Fallen Poppy Cross.jpg
Holding Standard Duel.png
RWY Polaroid 2.jpg
Pentire Expired Fim 2.jpg
Fallen Plaque.jpg
PD Telescope.jpg
Smeaton Sailor Duel.png
Fallen Footprint 3.jpg
Pentire Expired Fim 3.jpg
Battery 6 Wonky.png
Memorial, Standards, Crowd Wonky Small.p