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In September 2020 I got the opportunity to work on the short film ‘Daughter’. Funded by Greenlit this film explores the delicate meeting of a woman and her birth mother. It focuses on themes identity, belonging and motherhood. 

It was filmed on location in Plympton near where I went to University, I was there to take the production stills and fulfil the duties of a Runner. On the first day I also took the initiative to become involved with the camera department. I was interested in the equipment, so they showed me how they were setting up the shots. Later I was asked to take control of the clapperboard and keep the camera log. Throughout the shoot I conversed with the sound department and writer to ensure the logs were accurate.

It was wonderful to be a small part of this project, especially as it was an all female cast and almost all female crew which is isn't common in the film industry. It was a great experience and I can't wait for my next opportunity to work on a film.

I have been granted permission from the producer of 'Daughter' to publish all of the images below on my website.

Writer - Jo Harper

Producer - Grace Nelder

Director - Athena Mandis

Director of Photography - Babak Jani

Daughter_Short_Film_Day1__35 2.jpg